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We all get lost in worrying only about our skin and treating it but often forget about lips. Lips play the most important role on your face as they are mostly the highlighted part of the face. But, the dryness and the blackness of lips null and void all the experiments done on the skin. So, are you done with the dry and cracked lips? Chill, PIL’ATEN Skin Care is here to solve all the lip problems in a snap. We have produced Collagen lip mask which restores hydration for a silky-smooth kisser, and helps to get rid of lip balms, injections and Botox. Lip moisturizer mask is actually worth adding to your daily routine, as it rehydrates your pout.

PIL’ATEN brings you the best lip mask including all the features of lipsticks, lip balms, injections in a pack, known as “Lip mask for dry skin”. When the season of dry lips surprises you, then you bring chapsticks to keep this ailment at bay. But sometimes we have to bring out special forces to make our lips look the best, and that is only possible when you add Gold lip mask in your beauty box.

The reason for dryness and dark lips, is the inferior quality products you use to highlight your lips. But, someone has said that the more natural we be, the best we look. The most natural and indeed the best look you can give to your lips is only possible when you use best collagen lip mask. It can bring you the originality and the firmest lips, which you dream for!

Even if you love makeup or putting up lipsticks, Lip mask can be a deep conditioner which can treat peeling, flaking lips in a way your average, drugstore lip balm can’t. Collagen lip mask works the same way that full facial sheet mask does, except targeting the lips only.

The lip mask may look funny on you, but the fun which can bring you beauty is worth your money. The lip mask deserves a shout-out for its pout-perfecting effects when worn overnight. Plus, lips don’t produce natural oils like the rest of the face, making it even more important for you to take special care of your pout.

Where to Buy Lip Mask?

PIL’ATEN Skin Care is the ideal and the only place to provide you with the best lip mask.

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Lip Care Stick

Lip Care Stick


– Nourishing
– Moisturising
– Softening
Perfect for use after the Nourishing Collagen Lip Mask, this lip balm contains avocado extract to deeply nourish and moisturise tired and dry lips. It will keep your lips softer for longer and reduce cracking in the lip skin.