Charcoal Masks


Since 2012, PIL’ATEN has developed top quality Charcoal Masks. Using natural minerals extracts and activated charcoal, we created suction charcoal masks that will fit right in your skin care routine.

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3 Piece Suite


This triple pack includes one of each from the Blackhead Extraction Mask, Pore Export Liquid and Skin Compact Toner. The perfect combination of products to cleanse and tone the skin to perfection.

Blackhead Extraction Mask


– Removes blackheads
– Deeply cleansing
– Soothing
This deeply cleansing face mask is the lead product of its kind. The mask creates a suction effect when peeling off, pulling out dirt and grime from deep within the skin. Skin will never have felt so alive and refreshed. Apply for 15-20 mins twice per week. One tube on average lasts 4 weeks.

Nose Mask – 15g Tube


For all skin types
– Cleansing
– Blackhead removing
– Pore shrinking
This nose mask is deeply enriching and penetrates deep into the skin to remove blackhead build up and shrink pores. It effectively reduces T-Zone oil and lifts the skin for a more youthful look.


Pore Strips – 6g Sachets


6g per sachet
– Deep cleaning
– Smoothening
– Pore minimising
These pore strips are made from all-natural extracts of bamboo and deep cleansing minerals. They are an effective method of removing dirt and grime build up in the pores to give a smoother, more supple finish to the skin of affected areas. Use two times per week and apply each strip for 15 – 20mins. First application may need multiple strips but on regular use you will see less dirt build up each time!