Lip Care Stick


– Nourishing
– Moisturising
– Softening
Perfect for use after the Nourishing Collagen Lip Mask, this lip balm contains avocado extract to deeply nourish and moisturise tired and dry lips. It will keep your lips softer for longer and reduce cracking in the lip skin.



Pilaten Lip Care Stick

Reduces dryness and dead skin, keeps hydration and nourishes the lips. Effectively shows lip lines. Silky and delicate balm, to improve and lighten your lips’ color.

Moisturize and adjust the color of your lips, without the heavy feeling from lipstick

  • 1. Nourish and moisturize lips
    • Contains rich blend of vitamins, moisturizes & hydrates, smoothes the lips. Contains plant extraction ingredients, such as Avocado. Fresh, cool feeling, not sticky. It’s like make up, only for your lips.
  • 2. Seductive multi-variant colors
    • After application, the cream will show different colors as per your lip’s skin PH value. Long lasting color and fresh feeling!
  • 3. Lasting brightening
    • Nourishes each layer of your lips, in order to reduce dryness and dead skin. Effectively minimizes lip lines, Natural thin application, for a lasting, enlightening lip color.
  • 4. So safe, you can eat it!
    • Contains only safe ingredients such as Shea butter & avocado. Made only from safe ingredients, so safe, that you could even eat it!



1.After clean the face, draw out the basic outline as per the lip portion lines. 2.Apply from inside out along up and down lip. 3.Repeat apply on up and down lip, it could increase 3D feeling. 4.Wipe away the excess cream nearby lip.

Use as often as needed.