Hair Removal Cream


For all skin types
– Silky skin
– Smooth feel
– Kind to skin
This easy-to-use hair removal cream makes skin silky smooth with minimal fuss and no damage to the skin. It removes hair quickly and cleanly leaving skin feeling refreshed and beautiful. Suitable for even sensitive skin this is nourishing and gentle to use.

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PIL’ATEN Hair Removal Cream

PIL’ATEN Hair Removal Cream quickly removes hair from the body in one easy application. It penetrates deep to the hair follicle and removes the hair from the root without damaging the skin. The cream will shrink pores and leaves the skin nourished and firmed, silky and smooth.




1. Apply the cream to the target area using the smooth side of the scraper to smooth it evenly out. 2. Leave applied to the skin for 5 – 10 mins. 3. Remove the hair and cream with the scraper in long slow motions against the hair growth patter. 4. Rinse the area with water to remove excess hair and cream.