Pore Export Liquid

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Pore Export Liquid

The Pore Export Liquid (Before Mask Essence) penetrates deep into pores, dissolves the blackheads quickly, and makes the blackheads float out to your skin’s surface, to prepare for the Black Mask.

3-in-1 Blackhead Export Preparation

  • Penetrate: Our export liquid cleanses the bottom of your skin, accelerates the removal of dead skin, and helps open up blocked pores.
  • Dissolve: Penetrates deep inside the now open pores, locks on blackheads, acne, and all other impurities. It loosen’s up the blackheads’ roots, and empties out the pore to make the impurities surface on their own.
  • Prevent: Helps to repair damaged pores, while firming the inside of the pores, preventing them from growing.



1. Cleanse face thoroughly before use.
2. Lay a hot towel over the face for 1 – 2 minutes to open the pores.


3. Pour a good amount of the export liquid onto a cotton pad and place the cotton pad onto the affected area of the skin.
4. Leave the pad on the skin for 5 – 8 minutes before removing.


5. Wash the face with warm water to get rid of the blackheads that have been brought to the surface.

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