Collagen Neck Mask – 16pcs Box


35g x 16


Golden Collagen Line

For all skin types
– Moisturizing
– Beautifying
– Lifting


The PIL’ATEN Collagen Neck Mask will fade out neck wrinkles, hydrate the neck skin leaving it moisturized, nourished, smooth, beautiful and rejuvenated. It promotes blood circulation which increases the elasticity of the skin, toning it to inject a youthful brilliance back into the skin.

Use minimum 2 times per week as part of your skin care routine #PilatenRoutine



1. Clean face and neck before use. 2. Keep looking up post, avoid movement of neck, so that the crystal collagen essence could touch the skin and absorb by skin. 3. Paste for about 30 minutes for first time using, if there is no reaction, it could extend to 45 minutes. 4. The remain essence could also apply to other portion of body, massage it till the skin absorb it.