Collagen Facial Mask




Golden Collagen Line

For all skin types
– Moisturizing
– Beautifying
– Lifting


The PIL’ATEN Collagen Face Mask will intensely hydrate the skin leaving it nourished, smooth, beautiful and rejuvenated. It promotes blood circulation which increases the elasticity of the skin, toning it to inject a youthful brilliance back into the skin.

Use minimum 2 times per week as part of your skin care routine #PilatenRoutine



1. Cleanse face thoroughly before use. 2. Unfold the face mask from packaging and place it on your face, lining up the gaps for eyes, nose and mouth.

Smooth the mask out over the face getting rid of any air bubbles.

3. Leave applied to skin for 15-30 minutes then peel away. 4. Gently massage the skin to aid absorption of the remaining fluid from the mask.