Pilaten Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in December 2011, in 2014 in Zhejiang listed equity trading center, the Hangzhou high-tech enterprises, is also a research and development, marketing, marketing one of the cosmetics company.

Pilaten Company and Neutrends Inc. reached a strategic cooperation, the company’s operations. And to establish a commodity-wide channel marketing system for Pilaten users bring security, quality of goods and a better user experience.



  • Opened PILATEN EU LTD and PLTN COSMETICS INC. Exclusive Distribution Partnerships in Spain and Poland.


  • Started selling in USA, Canada and Europe.


  • Attended China International Beauty Expo


  • PIL’ATEN achieved cross-border cooperation with television play of LOVE DEPARTMENT, got exclusive authorization for eye mark
  • PIL’ATEN achieved strategic cooperation with television Travel Channel, and participated in the big talent show of SUPER SPOKESMEN


  • PIL’ATEN Joined in Jingdong Mall
  • PIL’ATEN sub-brand Pila Girl appear on the market


  • Joined in TMALL mall, overall arranged the distribution on line, and the agents increased to more than three thousand meanwhile


  • PIL’ATEN Invested a million to set up the operating center in beautiful West Lake city Hangzhou, which is to take charge of the company brand operation
  • PIL’ATEN achieved production strategic cooperation with a cosmetic manufacturer in Huadu district, the global capital of cosmetic, which is the unique manufacturer got GMPC certificate in Huadu district, PIL’ATEN empowered her for the production of PIL’ATEN products


  • Miss Zhu Zhiqin applied to register the brand of PIL’ATEN, which marks the born of PIL’ATEN




25 Review

    Hi, I’d like to know if your brand test in animals? Thank you

      Hello, no we do not test on any animals!

    hi how long does it take for shipping ?

      Hello there! Shipping takes 2 to 5 business days :-). Usually, you receive a tracking number within 24 business hours.

    Please I´ve been trying to contact with Pilaten Spain because I didn´t receive my order and the don´t answer!!! 5 mails!!!

    Please help me, the don´t have a tlf number on the website.


      Hello Maria, pilaten spain is not an official website! Please cancel your order, we’ll help you out!

    Hi, I put in a order on Feb 4th. Does that mean it should be coming in by the 9th or 10th of February? Thank you!


    Please cancel my order. No one picks up the phone or answers my emails. I just purchased the order and would like to cancel it. I see responses here so please respond. Thank you

      Hey Paula, all our emails are answered, and you can Text our line for immediate support. We also respond via Facebook. As per your request your order has been refunded on the same day you placed it!

      Thank you

    How do I become an authorized dealer? Are you accepting any?

    Do you deliver to USA right ? I just place and order, but I’ve been reading that to many people having trouble with delivery

      Hi Denise, We ship and deliver from the USA 🙂

      The people having trouble with delivery do not order from our website!

    Hi I ordered something yesterday from this website and have yet to receive any confirmation or email regarding my order 24 hours later. I would like to know what is going on this is kind of sketchy not to receive any notifications right away.

      Hi Shawn, your order has been shipped out. But we have a hard time sending emails to HOTMAIL accounts. Do you have another email address? we sent your tracking number by text message also!

    So where are your headquarters located? And where do you manufacture your products?

      Our Head quarters are in Hangzhou, China! We manufacture our products in our factory in Guangzhou, China!


      Hello! Our headquarters & factory are respectively in Hangzhou & Guangzhou, China!

      Thanks 🙂

    Do you ship to South Africa? Please let me know how I can get it as I don’t want to buy any counterfeit products on other websites.

      Within the next week, we are opening our doors to International shipments! We will keep you updated. 🙂

    Hi i ve snet email, im interested to be your distributor

      Hey Michelle, we’ve responded! Thanks!

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